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39 million headache sufferers desperately need access to qualified care. We’ll equip you to provide it. 

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There are an estimated 39 million headache sufferers in the United States today. With fewer than 500 Certified Headache Specialists available to treat them, they are facing a crisis of care.

Number of UCNS-Certified Headache Specialists by state

*statistics provided by the United Council of Neurologic Subspecialties

a crisis of care

migraine is the


largest cause of disability in the world

headache disorders cause

1.2 million

emergency room visits in the US every year

healthcare costs are


higher for families with a migraine sufferer

Headache patients are truly suffering, and their burden isn’t confined to typical headache symptoms. Studies have found that migraine sufferers attempt suicide at a higher rate than people without migraine, are 2.5 times more likely to suffer from depression, and are 12 times more likely to suffer from panic attacks.

Nevertheless, there is a critical shortage of qualified providers in headache medicine. There are currently fewer than 500 Certified Headache Specialists in the United States, and patients seeking treatment typically face 6-15 months on a wait list before they even receive an initial consultation. As result, of the estimated 39 million headache sufferers in the United States today: 

1 %
will never see a headache specialist
1 %
will be misdiagnosed
1 %
will not receive appropriate treatment

meeting the need

The Headache Center Fellowship Program was created to address this critical shortage of qualified practitioners by providing hands-on clinical training to Nurse Practitioners, Neurologists, and other healthcare professionals in the practice of headache specialty

Students in the program are immersed in a working Headache Specialty clinic, learning from some of the nation’s top experts in Headache Medicine and shadowing a qualified headache specialist on a one-on-one basis. Upon completion of the program students are asked to commit at least 2 years to practicing Headache Medicine, and should be prepared to take the Certification of Additional Qualification (CAQ) in Headache Specialty. 

Additional program details, application for admission, and frequently asked questions coming soon!

the headache center INSTITUTE

The Headache Center Fellowship Program is a project of the Headache Center Institute.

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